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How to take Hemp without smoking

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

NOTE: Before reading this, you may want to check out our previous post [6 Reasons to Choose Natural Hemp Flower Over Processed Products].

What if you don't want to smoke it?

Extracting CBD from hemp flower naturally is great way to get the full spectrum plant.

Here are a some suggestions from our Temple Farms growers:


Create your own hemp tea - or add it to your favorite herb brew!

Purchase a loose leaf tea infuser, or simply add the desired amount of hemp flower to your favorite tea bags.

With a terpene flavor profile of sweet cherries, pepper and cheese, Cherry Wine pairs well with a herbal tea, or even a nice creamy chai tea.


There are several recipes online to make your own edibles!

From baked goods to gummies, you can cook your own hemp creations - and know exactly what's going into them.

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