How to Use CBD WITHOUT Smoking It

NOTE: Before reading this, you may want to check out our previous post [6 Reasons to Choose Natural CBD Flower Over Processed CBD Products].

Taking your CBD naturally by way of hemp flower is great strategy to maintain the full integrity of the plant. But what if you don't care to smoke it?

Here are a some suggestions from our Temple Farms growers:


Create your own CBD tea - or add it to your favorite herb brew!

Purchase a loose leaf tea infuser, or simply add the desired amount of hemp flower to your favorite tea bag! We recommend our all-natural, small-batch Cherry Wine hemp flower (available in different CBD levels)!

With a terpene flavor profile of sweet cherries, pepper and cheese, Cherry Wine pairs well with a herbal tea, or even a nice creamy chai tea.


There are several recipes online to make your own CBD edibles!

From baked goods to gummies, you can cook your own CBD creations - and better yet - know exactly what's going into them.

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